Power supply for workstations

Power supply for workstations: Ergonomic and effective
A proper workplace system also includes the necessary energy supply. The MiniTec energy supply components ensure occupational safety and ergonomics without sacrificing flexibility in workplace design. Whether electrical or pneumatic supply to your workbenches: The power supply channel enables the individual arrangement of the energy supply elements on your workstation systems. The cable ducts are equipped according to your wishes by our experienced specialists and completely wired.

Easy installation of all components

Stop the "clutter" on your workbench: MiniTec's high-quality and robust power supply ducts keep your power cables, data cables and compressed air lines in a clean and protected environment. The cable duct is also ideal for accommodating sockets, switches, connections, circuit breakers and numerous other built-in elements from the MiniTec Profile Modular System. Cables and long hoses lying around, which are not only annoying, but also endanger the safety at work, are no longer a problem from now on.

Electricity, data, compressed air: energy supply from a single source

With MiniTec, you get a comprehensive range of accessories for energy supply from a single source - for optimal equipping of your workplace system. Supply your workstations securely with power, data or compressed air with miniTec sockets, data junction boxes and pneumatic connections. Or reliably protect your aluminum cable ducts with covers, end plates, key switches and overvoltage protection elements.

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