Our aluminum profile system proves its worth on a daily basis for many firefighting applications. It is used in the adaptation of vehicles, in the construction of portable container racks or for the equipment of entire spaces. You can benefit from our many years of experience in providing solutions for volunteer and professional fire services. Thanks to standardized units, e.g. for laboratory equipment or mobile container racks, our solutions are implemented quickly. To reduce the weight, special aluminum profiles are used in the field of fire fighting with an articulated dimension of 30 mm, which are ideal for installation in special-purpose vehicles. Fire services and vehicle manufacturers use our system with great success.

All components of the system are perfectly combined.

The patented connection technology and the same groove geometry mean that the profiles do not need further machining and you do not need any prior technical knowledge, special machines or tools. Just an idea and a set of Allen keys!

Firefighting Technology
Solar Technology
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Our engineers produce ready-to-use solutions for every job in the construction of plants and special machines for you, based on our profile system. From workstation for assembly, transport and protection systems to fully automated integrated solutions. As a full service provider, we are your trusted partner. From design to implementation to training and support.

Complete Solutions
Industry Solutions

About us

Minitec Hellas Α.Ε. provides specialized solutions in all sectors of industry, providing a complete system of industrial aluminum profiles in the Greek market. In our company you can find all the necessary components required for the assembly of the aluminum profile, complete linear systems as well as conveyor belts.


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